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What Is the Value of a 1957 Blue Seal Silver.

The ten dollar bill is the only other small size denomination printed as a silver certificate. Tens were printed for 1933, 1934, and 1953. The 1933 example is by far the rarest. The other years typically sell for around $15 in circulated condition. Once again, star notes and low serial numbers have a. A 1957 blue seal silver certificate is probably worth only a small amount over face value. According to Heritage Auctions, an uncirculated bill is worth between $2 and $4, and a circulated bill is worth between $1.25 to $1.50. However, if the serial number has a star after it, the value will be somewhat higher. 1934A $10 Yellow Seal Seal WW2 Value - How much is 1934A $10 Bill Worth?appraises and buys your old paper money and Ten Dollar. The serial numbers are blue and there is a big blue one on the right hand side of the bill. If your 1923 one dollar bill has a red seal, then you need to to the page about 1923 $1 legal tender notes. If your series of 1923 one dollar silver certificate has a star symbol in the serial number, it will command a premium.

The 1935 one dollar silver certificates are common, but there are different seal types and different varieties that can be valuable. There are blue seals,. In 1944 the US government wanted to experiment with a different type of paper for the silver certificates. If the bill has a red R then that means that it was the standard paper. “What is the value of an 1957 one dollar bill with blue markings?” You mean, like this? 1957 $1 silver certificate. Image from Wikipedia. The blue seal and markings denote this as a silver certificate, a type of note that guaranteed that it could.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself with a red seal two dollar bill, it might be worth tucking away. The red seal bill, issued from 1928 to 1966, won’t make you a millionaire by any means, but they are more valuable than their modern successor. Below is a value breakdown for two-dollar bills in crisp, uncirculated condition. Find Blue Dollar Bill Worth Examine Now. A United States $1 bill with a blue seal on it is called a silver certificate and ranges in value from face value for common varieties in normal condition up to $150 for a particular type of 1928 bill in excellent condition, as of 2014. The United States one-dollar bill $1 since 1876 has been the lowest value denomination of United States currency. An image of the first U.S. President 1789–1797, George Washington, based on the Athenaeum Portrait, a 1796 painting by Gilbert Stuart, is currently featured on the obverse, and the Great Seal of the United States is.

27/01/2012 · Your bill, however, dates from WW2. And since the only denomination issued with a 1935 series date was the $1 silver certificate, it makes it easy to figure out that's what you have. The. The value of a 1935A silver certificate Hawaii brown seal note? serial number P. One dollar bill, twenty dollar bill?? What Bill? 0 0 0. 1957 B $1 DOLLAR BILL STAR SILVER CERTIFICATE BLUE SEAL NOTE CURRENCY MONEY. $9.50. 14 bids. Free shipping. Ending Today at 5:56PM PST 1h 53m. Watch. 1935 One Dollar Bill Well Circulated Silver Certificate Blue Seal Note 100pc Lot. $264.99. 1953 Well Circulated Five Dollar $5 Silver Certificate Bill - Buying 1 Note. Other common silver certificates were printed in 1934, with a blue "1" to the left of George Washington’s face, and in 1928, with the bottom legend that reads, "One Silver Dollar." Silver certificates from 1923 feature a blue "1" to the right of George Washington’s face. Red Seal Five Dollar Bills 1928 - 1963 - Values and Pricing Five dollar bills with red seals and red ink serial numbers can be from one of three years.

25/03/2009 · How much is a 1935 Blue Seal Silver Certificate $1 Bill worth, with 3 folds and the paper is still crisp? There are slight folds at 3 of the corners that have been flattened back out. Answer Save. 5 Answers. Relevance. zman492. What is in India’S 100 dollar bill? 06/09/2016 · A silver certificate dollar bill is representative of a unique piece of history. It no longer carries any monetary value as an exchange for silver, yet collectors still seek out the print. Its history dates back to the 1860s, and the certificate is a unique historical artifact representing a time.

The red seal is the seal of the U.S. Treasury, which you can see if you look very closely: The lettering is an abbreviation for Thesauri Americae Septentrionalis Sigillum, which translates to "The Seal of the Treasury of North America". This sea. The 1928 one dollar silver certificate is common with around 640 million printed. Each note has a blue seal on the left side. In general, this silver certificate will not be worth much, but there are some rare varieties that can be quite valuable. 1934 five dollar silver certificates have a blue seal on the right hand side of the bill and a blue five on the left hand side of the bill. Each note is signed by the Secretary of the Treasury and by the Treasurer of The United States. No 1934 five dollar blue seal bills say In God We Trust. 1923 One Dollar Bill Legal Tender Note. The 1923 One dollar bill Legal Tender is very common but still pretty with it's bright red seal and white fields. This is a one year only type note and nice examples aren't that common. This red seal one dollar note is much less common than the 1923 one dollar bill silver certificate pictured below. 15/06/2006 · What does the different color seals mean? Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by tld1020, Jun 12, 2006. tld1020 Junior Member. Blue Seal: Silver Certificate, legally a bearer's receipt for silver coins or silver bullion on deposit with the US treasurer. Issued from 1929 to 1963.

Examine the bill. If it is a $1, $5 or $10 silver certificate from the series of 1934 or later, the serial number will appear on the bill's face twice: flanking the oval portrait in the center. On the right side, it will be printed above the seal of the U.S. Treasury. On the left side of the bill. Paper Money: US Numismatic Directory, With values and Images Page 1. 1935 A North Africa Note $1 Yellow Seal One Dollar Bill United States Rare 5 photo. $2 Two Dollar Bills, Similar Cool Serial Numbers,. Vintage Uncirculated 1957 Star $1 Silver Certificate One Dollar Bill Washington.

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